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The Able Interns!

This summer, Able Innovations participated in our first round of student placements sourced by the Academic Internship Council. The program offers a unique benefit to companies and students looking for early professional experience. The AIC connects interns with placements of 6-8 weeks at partnered companies, where they are provided the opportunity to gain real-world work experience in their desired career paths.

Through the program, Able Innovations was able to bring on 3 capable and committed interns. We welcomed Courtney Robertson of Colorado State University, as well as Jake Pringle and Andrew Jack of the Swinburne University of Technology. We can happily say that we were impressed with these interns, who met and exceeded our expectations and added tangible value to the company during their placements. In fact, we were so pleased with their work, we’ve been able to keep a couple of them onboard!

It was a pleasure working alongside these three individuals, and we highly valued our participation in these AIC internship placements. We extend thanks to our interns, the Academic Internship Council, Colorado State University, and the Swinburne University of Technology for a special summer!

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